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News Updates:


Supply Chain Advisory offers customized E2E solutions to corporations depending upon their business needs, models and requirements. It specializes in diverse sectors including banking, retail, FMCG and pharmaceutical, etc. For the banking sector, the emphasis is on offering new and innovative solutions which offer “Value-added Services (VAS)” to the end user while benefiting and improving efficiencies of the banks. The solution is centered on customization as Supply Chain Advisory combines and tailors the various products of TCS to fit the desired solution. In this regard, Banking Advisory has so far implemented biometric verified secured deliveries of financial instruments such as credit cards, debit cards and cheque books.


Further, TCS also contracted agreements with Mutual Fund companies to expand their distribution network by employing TCS Hazir to pick investment instruments from customers. Banking Advisory works closely with all domains of departments of banks to market and promote the various offerings of TCS and thereby the yearly deals of Sentiments for sending giveaways at Eid and special occasions is a regular feature. Banking Advisory also focus on “Employee Engagement Program (EEP)” and “Customer Engagement Program (CEP)” to offer a personal touch to banks and their esteemed customers and employees.


The main objective of Supply Chain is to be at the creative forefront, understand the needs of TCS’ corporate clients, and conceptualize solutions accordingly. The Banking Advisory is developing solutions to help open Mobile Accounts for microfinance banks. The future has massive growth and potential with unlimited budding propositions. TCS believes in serving its customers and in this endeavour, Supply Chain Advisory function will continue to innovate and be at service.


Supply Chain Advisory deals with all sorts of industries and particularly specializes in Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Fashion.


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